The IDAP-LinkTM is a low cost CMSIS-DAP JTAG debug probe with enhanced features. It can do more with it than just debugging. It will appears as a USB disk drive. This allows firmware flashing easily by copying the firmware file over without requiring any special flashing software and work instantly with any operating system. It provides a UART to USB bridge for communication between the target device and the PC. It also provides a regulated 3.3V to directly power the target device without addition power source by taking advantage of the USB power source. These feature turn the target device into mBed enable. It can be used as an ultra low cost solution to production programming.

Features :

  • Support both SWD & JTAG mode
  • Debug compatibility with most IDE such as Keil, CrossWorks, Eclipse, etc..
  • Onboard 3.3V regulator to power the target device
  • UART to USB bridge for communication between target and PC. Upto 3 MBaud
  • Firmware flashing by drag & drop simply by copying file over
  • micro-SD slot for flash programming without a PC

IDAP-Link Flyer
IDAP-Link User Guide

Nordic nRF52 Series

ANT+ & Bluetooth 5 Low Energy modules
IMM-NRF52832 & IMM-NRF52832-NANO

The nRF52832 is an ultra low power System on Chip (SoC) from Nordic Semiconductor. It integrates the nRF52 series 2.4GHz transceiver, a 32 bits ARM® Cortextm-M4F 64MHz MCU, 512KB Flash memory, 64KB RAM, 30 analog and digital I/O pins. The nRF52832 supports Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT+ and proprietary protocols.
The IMM-NRF52832 series offers a full suite of modules allowing from easy hand soldered prototyping to final space constrained application products.


The IMM-NRF52832 is a 23 x 17 x 2.5 mm module with embedded PCB antenna. It allows developers to take full advantage of the nRF52832 by making all its I/O available via 35 SMD/Through hole 1.27mm pitch pads. The module can be mounted with header pins in order to re-use during development and prototyping phase and SMD it for production to be the most cost effective.

IMM-NRF52832 Flyer
IMM-NRF52832 Hardware Guide


Many modules on the market that claimed to be the smallest usually have missing components such crystal, inductor, antenna, limited I/O pins, etc... Components which are needed to add externally. The end results they still occupy a big chunk of space on the PCB. Contrary to those, the IMM-NRF52832-NANO is the smallest module that has everything built into a single package 10 x 7 x 1.6 mm, full 30 I/O pin. There are no extra component to add to take full advantage of the nRF52832 in low power BLE5 and all its I/Os. The only space require on your PCB is the module size itself. It is ideal for wearable and space constrained applications.

IMM-NRF52832-NANO Flyer
IMM-NRF52832-NANO Hardware Guide

Arduino series


An interface shield for Arduino to control up to 8 IDM-LMX3208 series LED matrix display. Software library allowing flexible configurations of multi-display.

ADI Blackfin® Series

IBF-DSP561 Micromodule

Credit card size Blackfin® ADSP-BF561 dual core processor module. Designed to serve as a core processing module for OEM consumer and industrial applications requiring highest performance and power efficiency for multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; real-time security and control processing. The Blackfin® processor is fully supported by the µClinux community. Details